Welcome to the final year of this Current IB Curriculum for Design & Technology curriculum at Sha Tin College.
This site is primarily for the IB Design Technology Students. Use the IB D&T link on the right.

In May 2014 a group of teachers from schools across Hong Kong and Singapore will begin writing materials for the NEW Design Technology (Group 4) IB curriculum. I will be co-authoring the section on Human Factors.

I will begin teaching IB again from August 2014 and will begin to rewrite areas onto this site. I am aware that I do not want to copy or use works created by others without their permission, so my intention is to support my own DT students with addition materials and tasks. My specialist areas include graphics, electronics and textiles as well as product design and art. My group next year will be students who would have previously chosen the textiles option, therefore focused tasks and design projects will have a textiles based theme.
Ms Jutka Czirok.

NEW SYLLABUS - COLLABORATIVE WEBSITE for the new IBO DT Syllabus August 2014 onwards:

(This is still a work in progress)

We are interested in the possible writing of a school based Textiles IB option for Standard Level, previously colleagues of mine created a school based Food Technology IB option in Group 4. I will keep you posted on this development.

Websites recommended by msc-technology.wikispaces.com

Syllabus Components:
Click the menu to find your lessons, most are the presentations shown during the lessons, which gives you the opportunity to go over the lesson once again, and to use the active links for further research.
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Additional Higher Level

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Practical Work
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You might be interested in this iPhone and itunes app it does cost 1.99$US but I think its a very good reference and revision tool from iTunes
find out more at http://www.dtapp.info/


Like making stuff? Make Magazine is bursting with cool things to make using everyday materials. Brilliant for project ideas, all subjects, all ages. Fantastic! Your teacher can log in for access to back copies etc.


And for some more crazy interesting design ideas check this out:
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And for some up-to-date resources on all topic areas:

IB Study Skills

Here is a great link about how to study for IB, and to prepare for exams, not just for Design Technology but all IB subjects:
http://www.norreg.dk/ib/ibstudyskillsframe.htm Design Cycle

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From Mr Atkinson

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