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GLH: 12 Hours

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Essential idea:
Designers consider three human factors to ensure products meet ergonomic needs.
Nature of design:
Design is human centered and, therefore, designers need to ensure that the products they design are the right size for the user and therefore comfortable to use. Designers have access to data and drawings, which state measurements of human beings of all ages and sizes. Designers need to consider how users will interact with the product or service. Use and misuse is an important consideration.
Concepts and principles:
  • Anthropometric data: static and dynamic data, structural and functional data
  • Primary data versus secondary data
  • Percentiles and percentile ranges
  • Ranges of size versus adjustability
  • Clearance, reach and adjustability
Aim 6: Anthropometric data sets can vary significantly between populations. Particularly in the fashion industry, the variance in these data sets impacts the size range of clothes for particular markets.

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Nature of design:
Human beings vary psychologically in complex ways. Any attempt by designers to classify people into groups merely results in a statement of broad principles that may or may not be relevant to the individual. Design permeates every aspect of human experience and data pertaining to what cannot be seen such as touch, taste, and smell are often expressions of opinion rather than checkable fact.
Concepts and principle:
  • Psychological factor data
  • Human information processing systems
  • Effect of environmental factors
  • Alertness
  • Perception
Aim 3: The analysis of the human information processing system requires a designer to critically analyse a range of causes and effects to identify where a potential breakdown could occur and the effect it may have.

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Nature of design:
Designers study physical characteristics to optimize the user's safety, health, comfort and performance.
Concepts and principles:
  • Physiological factor data
  • Comfort and fatigue
  • Biomechanics
Aim 8: Understanding complex biomechanics and designing products to enable full functionality of body parts can return independence and personal and social well-being to an individual.

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