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IB Syllabus

The IB Syllabus for Design Technology can be found on the West Island website ready to download as a PDF file

Core Topics for Standard and Higher students

Higher students will also cover five additional topics

Option Topics
Topic 1

Design Process

Topic 8


Topic 8 Energy.pdf

Option E

Graphics, Human Factors
Topic 2

Product Innovation

Topic 9


Topic 9 Structures.pdf

Option A

Food Science and Technology
Topic 3

Green Design

Topic 10

Mechanical Design

Option C

Topic 4


Topic 11

Advanced Manufacturing

Topic 11 Advanced
Manufacturing Techniques.pdf

Topic 5

Product Development

Topic 12

Sustainable Development

Topic 6

Product Design

Topic 7


Glossary of Terminology


Flow chart symbols.
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What does 'End of Pipe' mean?
Find out here.

Velocity ratios? (Driver/Driven)
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Stiffness formula? (Load/Deflection)
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Exam Questions

The exam is split into three separate papers:
Paper 1


40 Questions

1 Hour
Paper 2

Section A
Section B

6 Questions (answer all)
3 Questions (ONLY ANSWER ONE)

1.45 Hours
Paper 3

Option Paper

5 Questions (answer all)

1 Hour

Key words used in questions


Revision Questions


The password is stc2009 for the revision questions page!

IB Study Skills

This is a great guide not only for revision of D&T but for all IB subjects:

Revision Guides

Thanks to John Zorbist at West Island School
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